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Bangor DSLR Photo Basics Workshop


Due to popular demand, this basic workshop has been added for Bangor, Maine!

Do you struggle to make great pictures with your DSLR camera? Are you disappointed that your photos still look like snapshots you took with your cell phone?

Your DSLR is an amazing tool, with hundreds of features built in to help you capture amazing images, just like the pros. But do you know what any of those features do?

Stop collecting tips, and start making photographs in our DSLR Photography Basics Workshop!

Date: August 20, 2016
Skill Level: Beginner
Activity Level: Moderate
Seminar Size: Maximum 12 Guests
Guide: Chris Cavallari

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Maybe you bought this fancy-cam thinking it would take better photos than your cell phone, but you’re finding that all the dials and buttons and menus have your head spinning. And it doesn’t take better pictures. At all.

Are you tired of taking snapshots with your really expensive camera? Why not start making beautiful pictures…immediately! Your digital Single Lens Reflex camera—or DSLR (see, you learned something already)—is more than just an expensive point and shoot snapshot device.  

Before you give up on your DSLR, come spend a day with Part Time Vagabond Photo Adventures. Together we’ll discover the ins and outs of your DSLR so that you can make amazing photos anytime, anywhere. 

What You’ll Learn

This is a full day of photography instruction and in-the-field shooting. I will teach you how to take control of your camera instead of your camera controlling you. 

During the photo workshop, you’ll learn about all the parts of your beautiful DSLR and how they interact to create an image. You’ll learn how to care for your investment, what accessories are available, how to choose and use various lenses, and what all those buttons and menus do. You’ll learn how to compose a great landscape and portrait shot, why it’s important to shoot in RAW format (and what RAW format is), when you should shoot in JPEG mode, and how to get the shot you have in your mind right in the camera, without any post-processing hocus pocus.

It’s not the camera that takes a picture…it’s the photographer who makes a great photograph.

  • Get out of “Auto Mode” and take control of your photography
  • Understand all the parts of your DSLR camera
  • Learn about the Exposure Triangle, Metering Modes, and AutoFocus
  • Understand the importance of lighting and composition
  • Shoot real images in-the-field in a picturesque location
  • Learn how to capture “sense of place”

Location 1 – Bangor, Maine

We’ll begin our exciting day of learning with group introductions—don’t worry, this is a fun exercise that breaks the ice and gets you ready to shoot. Once we’re warmed up, you’ll go shoot a few pictures to get an idea of where you stand photographically, and to serve as the “Before” image. Next, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of your camera: the parts, the accessories, the menu system, and more.

Location 2

Using what you’ve learned at the first location, you’ll be given a photo assignment to test your skills and really begin to see how your camera becomes an extension of your eye. After briefly reviewing your images, we’ll talk about composition and light, the two most important aspects of great photography. Here, you’ll learn about metering modes and focusing techniques.

Location 3

In this final location, we’ll talk about creating story with your images, and why from now on you’ll be making photographs rather than taking pictures. You’ll shoot a second assignment to begin creating a photo essay. Finally, we’ll do a brief critique and say goodbye after an amazing day of photography.

  • DSLR & lenses
  • Tripod
  • Camera accessories


“If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait ten minutes.” The weather in Maine is really fickle, and can change from moment to moment. When you join one of our tours, it’s your responsibility to be prepared for the eventuality that the weather will change. We recommend bringing the right gear for the forecasted weather, and a few extras just in case. That means sunblock, hats, sunglasses, raingear (for you and your gear), and comfortable clothing for a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

However, the workshop will be held rain or shine. If the weather is too intense to hold the workshop, we will notify you of cancellation at least 48 hours in advance, and will use the rain date instead.

Accommodations & Transportation

When you join one of our Expeditions, you are responsible for arranging for your lodging and transportation.

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